Hudson’s Bay joins forces with European heavyweight

Hudson’s Bay Co. is set to embark on a joint venture with Austrian retail giant Signa Retail Holdings, set to see both forces working to operate existing businesses across Europe.

U.S. threaten Canadian auto tariff

Donald Trump has fired another auto tariff threat in Canada's direction, after continued animosity over NAFTA negotiations. In a tweet the U.S president said, in reference to Ottawa, "Their Tariffs and Trade Barriers are far too high.
used car promo on windshield

Weak loonie keeps Canadian used-vehicles scarce

Used-vehicle sales in our country have had a steady climb in value – one that was supposed to descend this year.
School Zone

Driver's reminded to slow down as kids go back to school

Police forces across the GTA will have their eyes on the city’s drivers today, reminding drivers to slow down and pay attention as Ontario’s children go back to school for the new year.
Phone app

20,000 Air Canada customers at risk after data breach

Approximately 20,000 Air Canada customers have potentially had their personal data “improperly accessed” after a breach to its mobile app.
Vancouver skyline

Metropolitan homeowners speak out about rising housing costs

The housing market has been a hotbed in both Toronto and Vancouver for some time, and now even homeowners in two of Canada’s largest cities are starting to complain about the rising prices.
Car being towed

Towing Bill of Rights launched to protect Ontario drivers

Have you ever been placed in a situation where your car must be towed?