Tesla interior

Tesla finally starts large scale delivery of Model 3 in major Canadian cities

Elon Musk knew that the delivery of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 sedan would become the true barrier of the whole purchasing process.

Buyers have been waiting for months to get their hands behind the steering wheel of one of the most alluring electric cars on the market. There are still countries in Europe waiting for their rollout to start, while Tesla hasn't necessarily been getting the best press of late.

Tesla’s small Canadian team began directing deliveries in Toronto last week and is now attempting to handle “hundreds of deliveries per day” according to Electrek. Social media photos show big-rig delivery trucks shipping the dozens of Model 3s via Canadian roadways.

For their Toronto distribution, Tesla took over trade show buildings and parking lots so they could store the Teslas and provide a bulk reception area where customers could pick up their new rides. Employees were attempting to deliver 200 Model 3s per day in some regions.

Vancouver is next on the Canadian delivery schedule for Tesla, while Montreal is expected to receive the electronic vehicles on a smaller scale soon. Tesla had promised buyers a delivery date in early March, so the suspense to possess the Model 3 has been building for consumers for months.

The Model 3 has been added to Quebec and Ontario’s list of eligible electric vehicles in their incentive programs. This means that buyers in these provinces can receive a rebate/discount of $8,000 and $14,000 depending on their provincial incentive, and it also means that these provinces may see higher demand placed on the automaker.

The Tesla community is only set to increase in Canada with thousands of new Model 3s expected to make their debuts on Canadian roads this summer, laughing hysterically as they swerve passed gas station line-ups.