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Over 30,000 Canadian jobs were added in June, but the jobless rate rose

While 32,000 Canadian jobs were added this past month, the jobless rate continued to rise, as more people are looking for work. In June the jobless rate rose to 6%, as 75,600 people joined the labour force.

According to Statistics Canada, three provinces added jobs, while others either remained flat, or experienced a loss in jobs. Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba all added 35,000, 8,300, and 4,100 jobs respectively.

"While the headline tally was better than generally expected," Bank of Montreal economist Doug Porter said after the numbers came out, "most of the details were less impressive."

When looking closer into the types of jobs gained last month, roughly 70% of them were part-time in nature. Additionally, wage gains slowed down significantly from the month before. However key sectors like construction, manufacturing and natural resources all posted strong gains.

"June jobs were the very definition of a mixed bag, but the big picture is that the labour market remains fairly tight and wages are still rising," Porter said.