Enerjet relaunch: Calgary's ultra-low-cost airline slated for 2019

Charter airline Enerjet, based in Calgary, announced Thursday that its new “ultra-low-cost” carrier option will be available in 2019. The company cited “significant financial commitments” from a group of supportive and prominent investors.

The airline carrier said that by this time next year, it will offer “a simple, ultra-low-cost fare structure” while flying to and from an “extensive” network of Canadian and American destinations. The company failed to specify which ones.

The investors behind the relaunch include Enerjet CEO and WestJet Airlines co-founder Tim Morgan, plus many other well-known Canadian business figures. Stephen Bronfman’s Montreal-based investment firm has signed on, along with Stephenson Management Inc. which has Quebec businessman Mitch Garber as chairman. Garber is a successful chairman for Cirque du Soleil’s board of directors and has previously been a gambling industry executive.

Garber and Bronfman are familiar with one another; they’re currently attempting to rally investors to bring Major League Baseball back to Montreal.

More investment help comes by way of Arizona-based Indigo Partners, an investment firm that has an interest in ultra-low-cost airline offerings. The investment company already has their hands in Singapore’s Tiger Airways and Florida’s Spirit Airlines.

The Canadian budget-airline market is competitive these days, as WestJet’s Swoop and Air Canada’s Rouge battle to sway customers into their affordable seats.

“We believe there are millions of Canadians who would jump at the chance to have a simple, safe, and affordable alternative to the sky-high costs of air travel,” said Morgan, who will serve as the ultra-low-cost airline’s CEO.

Morgan said the flight option will launch with at least three planes in operation.

“Being and ultra-low-cost airline, price is the driver … and we have to [have] pricing that’s well below the incumbents and that’s our intention,” said Morgan.

Enerjet previously began operations a decade ago in 2008, flying a Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft.