Toronto Road

Latest figures spark worries about Toronto road safety

The success of Toronto’s Vision Zero initiative is being questioned, following the latest figures from Toronto Police regarding road-related injuries.

External cameras to boost safety on TTC

In a push towards greater security for transit users, the TTC has unveiled plans to add external cameras on its new buses and streetcars.

Poll reveals almost half of cannabis users hit the road while high

Cannabis is speeding towards legalization, yet there are still concerns around its use-particularly by those behind the wheel.
Electric Car

Tesla introduces more incentives in a bid to boost sales

In a bid to boost sales and delivery before the end of the quarter, Tesla is ramping up its incentives and leaning heavily on enthusiastic volunteers.
Autonomous Car

Uber's autonomous research to bring 300 new jobs to Toronto

Uber is set to boost its workforce in Toronto from 200 to 500 as it doubles up on autonomous research efforts at a new Canadian hub.
Pothole in road

Orphan laneway causes headache for Toronto residents

A pothole filled laneway in Toronto’s Kensington market is causing a headache for residents, after the city has refused to fix it . And the reason why?

Hudson’s Bay joins forces with European heavyweight

Hudson’s Bay Co. is set to embark on a joint venture with Austrian retail giant Signa Retail Holdings, set to see both forces working to operate existing businesses across Europe.