Toys 'R' Us execs. planning a comeback with new company

Guess what’s brewing at ye' old Toys ‘R’ Us roundtable?
pharma shelf

Ontario government fines Costco $7M

The Government of Ontario has fined big-box retailer Costco over $7 million as a penalty for accepting illegal kickbacks across 29 Costco pharmacies betwe

Government shutdown costs US economy $11B with permanent $3B loss

The costs of the US federal shutdown are rolling in as the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) crunches the numbers.
man in front of digital slots machine

Should gambling 'video games' be allowed in Ontario bars?

Ever walk into a bar in small-town Ontario and see a tiny entertainment system that looks like a slot machine you might find in any casino?

Jay-Z's Tidal platform under investigation for streaming fraud

Tidal, Jay-Z’s subscription-based streaming platform, is under investigation in Norway where allegations concern
AI grocery

Microsoft set to challenge Amazon's online grocery application

Software company Microsoft has teamed up with American supermarket juggernaut Kroger Co.

Enerjet relaunch: Calgary's ultra-low-cost airline slated for 2019

Charter airline Enerjet, based in Calgary, announced Thursday that its new “ultra-low-cost” carrier option will be available