Customer getting a car sales pitch

Hidden camera footage reveals dealerships deceiving customers

Based on evidence from a recent CBC Marketplace investigation, you should think twice about taking what a car salesperson says at fac
Vehicles on an Ottawa roadway

Ottawa proposes controversial electric car charging plan

The City of Ottawa wants to go charge for charge with electric cars.
Getting audited for tax evasion

CRA investigating PayPal business accounts for tax evasion

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is cracking down on PayPal users with business accounts.
Thoughts of a millennial
Grey Toronto street

Toronto will soon be Lyft's first international destination

Toronto's ridesharing industry just got a lot more crowded.
Pacific Ocean from space
Health coverage form

Uber launching campaign to help drivers enroll in Obamacare

After facing years of backlash and criticism for treating its drivers poorly, Uber has been looking to change the narrative.