Uber halting driverless vehicle testing after pedestrian killed in Arizona

Uber has stopped the testing of their autonomous vehicles in Toronto after one of their vehicles killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona on
Complaints file folder

2017 saw more people complaining about their banks

The Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) put out their
Canadian money in wallet

The Canadian debt to income ratio dropped slightly

While still bringing in near record high numbers, the end of 2017 saw the Canadian debt to income ration fall slightly to 170.4%. Meaning, that for every dollar that Canadians have in disposable income, they owe $1.70.
Driving in Toronto

Car insurance rates on the decline in Ontario

It's good news for drivers in Ontario, after studies reveal that car insurance rates are declining across the province.
empty mall

E-Commerce not solely to blame for the death of Canadian malls

Walking into a Canadian mall today, you’ll probably find more “closed” signs than laughing teenagers. The age of the Canadian mall is dying, and many are pointing their fingers at e-commerce as the cause.
Driver using cell phone

Young Canadians voted the most distracted drivers

The votes are in and it looks like 80% of Canadians believe drivers under the age of 34 are most likely to be distracted.
loonies in front of Canadian flag

Canadian dollar dips to lowest level since last summer

For the first time since last summer, the Canadian dollar has dipped under 77 cents USD. The cause? It is being cited as the negative effects that may will arise from the potential upcoming trade war with the United States.