Why Canadians get loans: Cars, debt and other reasons

People can use loans for a variety of purposes, from settling debts to purchasing the home of their dreams.
woman in car dealership

Car loan interest rates: How to get the best rates

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle, and you don't have all the funds lying around, you might be looking at ways you can get help to finance the purchase.

Does my driving record affect my ability to get a car loan?

When you’re applying for a car loan, lenders and insurers will be looking at a range of criteria to determine how risky you are with your loan and purchased vehicle.

Is it cheaper to lease a car or use short-term rentals?

The differences between renting and leasing a vehicle are pretty huge, as one involves ownership and the other does not. Renting involves a charge for each increment of time (by the hour or day).
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Car loan or personal loan: what's the difference?

Securing all the funds necessary to purchase the car of your dreams (or the car you need right now) can be a frustrating, tricky experience
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Getting a car loan for your business

No matter the size of your business, a range of creditors are available to help finance your work and business vehicles.
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Car loan vs Car lease

Shopping for a vehicle can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re new to it. There are, after all, so many options to choose from. Should you lease a vehicle for a few years, or finance one?