Here are the benefits of refinancing a car loan in Canada

It’s been a few years since you got your car loan and you’ve been diligent about paying it off.
A beat-up blue sedan in a parking lot. Cars like this are cheap, but come with hidden costs

Does the type of car you buy affect the interest rate on a car loan?

When you get a car loan, there are a lot of variables that affect your interest rate. Naturally, you’d assume that the type of car you choose would be one of them — and you’d be right.
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What happens if you’re delinquent on your car loan?

It’s something that happens to a lot of people: your circumstances change and all of a sudden you’re having trouble paying your bills.
A car salesperson sitting at a desk, preparing a customer's receipt.

What's the best time of year to buy a car?

If you’re buying a car, there are a few things you need to know about getting the best deal.
An illustration of three credit cards melting. A visual metaphor of what it feels like when you're overwhelmed by debt.

Here are the warning signs that you have too much debt

Debt can be a great thing. It can help you buy something you want that you might not otherwise be able to afford — like a house, car or even an education.
Picture of a car dealership. Comparing car loans online, not relying on dealerships, is the key to finding a cheaper loan.

Survey finds Canadians most comfortable getting auto financing from dealerships

Canadians know that comparing online is the best way to find a good deal. Although not when it comes to car loans, apparently.
Taking out a seven-year car loan can create have you drowning in debt later on

Why you need to know about negative equity before buying your car

So, you’re about to buy a car. You’ve picked the one you want and you’re ready to submit an application for a loan.