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Why driving in the summer is more dangerous than driving in winter

As Canadians welcome the arrival of summer this week, one thing’s for sure: warmer temperatures are right around the corner.
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Sales of new cars drop for 15th-straight month in Canada

Sales of new cars in Canada saw their biggest drop of the year in May, which also marked the 15th consecutive month where car sales fell across the country. 
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Here are the hidden fees you need to watch for when buying a car

Wouldn’t it be nice if, when buying a car, you just paid the vehicle itself and nothing more?
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Does financing a car cost more?

Few buyers have enough money to buy a car outright with cash. But if you’re financing one, you’re probably wondering: Am I paying more than I should?
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These are the top 10 worst-selling cars in Canada

Have you ever wondered which cars no one is buying? A recent roundup from gives readers a glimpse into the world of the worst-selling vehicles in Canada.

2019 used car prices in Canada are close to a record high

While few people would say that Canada’s economy is currently flourishing, there's one industry that's still on the
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Thinking of lending someone your car? Here are the risks

Lending your vehicle to someone who needs it is a nice thing to do. But it could have serious consequences for your insurance record.