Car safety gets a thumbs up

Safety features that save you money on auto insurance

So you just bought yourself a new car, now you need the auto insurance to go with it. Auto insurance can be pricey, especially in the city, and it is a necessity as it is illegal to drive in Canada without it, but luckily there are things you can do to cut the cost down. Not only does owning a high safety rated vehicle save you money on your auto insurance policy, but by ensuring that your vehicle has additional safety features, you can save even more. Here are some of the safety features you can get for your vehicle that will lead to a discounted rate on your auto insurance.

Air bags

Air bags are one of the most standard vehicle safety features, since 1999 it has been mandatory that both the driver and front passenger sets come equipped with inflatable airbags. Since they have been mandatory for so long, the standard front two airbags may not earn you that much of a discount, but additional airbags will. If your vehicle not only has front driver and passenger airbags installed, but also side, rear, and other non-standard areas, you will earn money off of your auto insurance. The more airbags your vehicle has, the bigger the discount can be.

Anti-lock breaks

Anti-lock breaks, or ABS were introduced back in the 70’s and have become a mandatory standard on all new vehicles in recent years. Even though they are a mandatory safety feature, many insurance providers still offer a discount for vehicles that are equipped with ABS. Discounts for having anti-lock breaks installed can range anywhere from 5%-10% off your regular premium price depending on the provider.

Anti-theft system

When deciding your premiums, your insurance provider will look closely at the theft rates for your type of car and the area in which your car in kept. If you are in a high-risk area, or own a car with a high rate of theft, installing additional safety devices like alarms or electronic immobilizers can grant you discounts to help lower the cost of your auto insurance. 

Winter tires

Having winter tires has become mandatory in many provinces across the country, which is a win/win for drivers. By having winter tires installed, not only will you experience safer driving during the grueling Canadian winter months, but you can also be rewarded with cheaper auto insurance premiums. While they come with the initial cost of buying the tires themselves, you can receive an average discount of 5% on your auto insurance.

Modern safety features

More and more vehicles are coming equipped with modern safety features such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, semi-autonomous breaking, and lane departure/blind spot warnings, but insurance providers have not necessary jumped on board with them. While some have began to offer discounts for safety features such as these, many are holding back to see how these features actually affect the safety of your vehicle and you as a driver.