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4 things that make the loans process painless

1. Having all your personal information in order
credit card stress

6 Ways to curb credit card debt

A new year is upon us, and when better to review your credit card habits and attempt to fix them, especially after a the financially stressful holiday se
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Combating post-holiday financial woes

The new year has come, the decorations have been taken down, and the holiday season is officially behind us. Unfortunately, the holiday debt that many of us have accumulated over the holiday season has followed us into the new year.
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Why your credit score matters when getting a loan

It seems like now and days, you can’t even walk into a variety store and buy a candy bar without first getting a credit check. So, why is everyone from your landlord to your lender obsessed with your credit score?

6 personal finance goals for 2018

A long-standing tradition of the New Year is setting goals for the year ahead. Here are 6 personal finance goals to add to your list in 2018 to help make it your most prosperous year yet.
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Why your credit score matters

It's tempting to dismiss your credit score as nothing more than a flawed, unilluminating measurement.

10 ways to save in 2018

Not matter your financial situation, you can probably benefit from saving a bit more money. Here are some helpful tips to how you can save in the upcoming year, making 2018 a more fiscally secure year than 2017.